Your Three Options: Smart, Select, and Signature Series

When renovating your bathroom, it’s important that you can chose everything that goes into that space. From the color of the shower walls to the finish of the faucet at your sink. Having the choice in the overall design of your bathroom means that you are completely in control.

Having complete control is both exciting and daunting. It is also a process that should be designed to make everything as easy as possible. At JSB Home Solutions, we’ve created a three series system that makes the designing process much simpler. This three series system utilizes the current layout of your bathroom to make the remodeling process less of an inconvenience.

The Design Process:

Each series that JSB Home Solutions offers fits every homeowner’s design style. Our design consultants are prepared to answer any questions and help guide you through the design process. Our free in-home estimates allow our customers to visualize a brand-new wet space, at no cost to them. Once a design consultant comes out to your home, they will take measurements of your bathroom space and go over all the design samples we offer at JSB Home Solutions. These design samples include our three series system with before and after examples so you can see the amazing results.

Our three series system includes our Smart, Select, and Signature series. Each series features our modern and sleek fixtures that fit perfectly inside your bathroom. These fixtures don’t just stop inside of your wet space though, they expand into your entire bathroom. Having a cohesive and elegant looking design in your bathroom space makes relaxation even better.

So, what does Smart, Select, and Signature even mean?

Smart Series:

This series is the first of our three series here at JSB Home Solutions. Our Smart Series features state of the art Onyx Shower Systems, Amish-built cabinetry, and modern fixtures. In this first series, our customers can choose between our many color options that fit to everyone’s design style. Not only does our Onyx system provide full slab shower walls, but this system also provides customers with the option to match their shower walls with their bathroom countertops. This option offers a seamless design that ties the entire room together.

Inside of our Smart Series, customers can design their wet space to fit all their needs. This includes what size shower caddy, recessed or cornered, or if you want a mosaic inlay in your wet space surround.  Our Smart Series has been expertly hand picked to provide our customers with a cost-effective option, that modernizes your space, but does not inconvenience you from using one of the most important rooms in your home.

Select Series:

The second option in our three series system is our Select Series. This series also features our Amish-built cabinetry, modern fixtures, and our Onyx Shower System. What takes this series to the next level is the faux tile option that is offered. So, what exactly is faux tile? Faux tile is an option we offer if you want that classic tile look in your bathroom without all the work. Traditional tile requires grout between each piece that needs to be sealed, especially in a shower space, on a yearly basis. Tile also is very fragile and without consistent resealing and proper cleaning, it can chip and break resulting in a possibility of mold and mildew growth. Tile, while beautiful and timeless, can cost significantly more in the long run.

Inside of our Select Series, this faux tile option is the perfect solution if you are wanting that tiled look in your bathroom space. Through our Onyx System, there are four different faux tile options. Each option creates a clean and sleek look in your bathroom. The faux tile options include, Shiplap, Wavy, Stone, and Subway. Utilizing this option is a great cost-efficient option because, like in the Smart Series, this faux tile option also comes in full slabs measured to perfectly fit inside of your wet space. You also have the option to choose your shower caddy size and the fixtures to complete your look along with the many color swatches that are included in this wet space system. If you’re looking for a tiled look without all the maintenance, then this Select Series is the right option for you.

Signature Series:

The last of our three series options, is our Signature Series. This series offers all of the same amazing features as our Smart and Select Series but instead using our Onyx Shower System, we offer our Tyvarian shower wall system. Our Tyvarian shower panels are created using high-definition images into a clear top coat that is backed by limestone. Simply, Tyvarian gives you the luxurious look of natural stone and tile without the maintenance that comes with grout lines. This Tyvarian system is 100% waterproof, so mold and mildew will be a problem of the past. The Tyvarian wall panels in our Signature Series come in both matte and gloss finishes with over eighty colors to choose from. It is also easy to clean and scrub resistant, making cleaning your wet space less of a chore. This option can create a bold look in your wet space for half the cost.

How Do You Choose?

Deciding through the many design options we have may seem overwhelming. That’s why we created this three series system that is simplified to make the design process, painless. Our design consultants will help guide you through this process and will make sure to answer all your questions along the you’re your remodel is completely customizable to you and the finished product will reflect your taste and style. Each series is backed by a lifetime warranty so you can take comfort in knowing that we will always service any issues that may arise in your bathroom space.

Next Steps!

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