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8 Questions To Ask A Bathroom Contractor

February 9th, 2024 | 4 min read

By Callie Lovejoy

Where do you even begin when it comes to finding a professional to renovate your bathroom? How do you decide on a contractor to complete the work you want? It is a lot to have a stranger come into your home and spend days there, working in your bathroom. There is a huge amount of trust that you are offering up, and it is important that you and your family feel comfortable throughout the entire process. These questions will help you better understand each contractor and ultimately help you decide what contractor to go with.

  1. Can I See Examples Of Your Past Work?

Viewing past work is crucial when deciding about what contractor to use. If the contractor has examples, make sure to view them closely to really evaluate the craftsmanship. Not only should you look closely at the contractor’s job portfolio, but you should also look at past customer images posted online, along with their job performance testaments. Reading past customer reviews helps get a better view of the contractor and their integrity.

  1. What Is Their Scope Of Work?

You know what you want your bathroom renovation to look like, but can the contractors you are reaching out to do the work? Some contractors create a niche for themselves, so they only specialize in so many things when it comes to general contracting. Some contractors do not specialize in electrical or drywall removal or repair so they only service customers who do not need those items completed. While, this is not a bad business venture, it does box some contractors in. If you really like a contractor but, they do not specialize in an aspect that you need for your bathroom renovation, they may bring in a subcontractor that can complete the work. Asking this question is important to know so it can help you decide on which contractor to use, and it will help you stick to your budget.

  1. Do You Work With Subcontractors?

It is common that head contractors will use subcontractors to complete projects. As stated above, some contractors limit their scope of work and need to hire a subcontractor to finish the job. Other times it is because the contractor needs help completing the project on time, so an extra set of hands is often helpful. Knowing if your contractor uses subcontractors helps you better understand just how many people will be in and out of your home, along with who will be completing what.

  1. Can You Provide Proof That You Are Licensed And Insured?

This is a very important question to ask during your decision-making process. Being insured is not only important but it is also the law. Using a contractor that is licensed and insured means that the contractor you hired is trained professionally to do the job at hand and if something may happen to a worker while on the job or something in your home gets damaged, you are covered under insurance.


  1. Do I Need Permits or Inspectors?

Some renovating projects will require permits or inspections before the project even begins. In most cases, if you are expanding your bathroom space or adding an addition to your home for a bathroom space, will require permits and inspections. Most professional contractors have a permitting and inspection team that will take care of that aspect of your renovation and is normally included in the cost of your renovation. Make sure to ask whether permits or inspectors are required and ask to be included in viewing the paperwork before your project starts.


  1. What Is Your Lead Time or Schedule Look Like?

Lead times and contracting schedules are two tools that contractors use to organize their jobs better. Lead times are normally an outline of the timeline it takes for a contractor to order and receive materials, finalize prior jobs, and schedule a time when your project can begin and when it will be finished. Delays on bathroom projects happen, so make sure to ask your contractor if they expect any delays based on your specific bathroom renovation.


  1. What Is Your Payment Schedule, or Do I Need A Deposit?

There are multiple ways to pay for your bathroom renovation and each contractor should provide those different options. When financing your bathroom renovation, make sure to have each payment plan explained to you and ask for a physical copy of these finance options so you always have a record. Most down payments are no more than 10% of the total cost of the renovation so if your bathroom renovation is $10,000 in total, your down payment would be $1,000. Payment plans after your first deposit is received are normally a set number of payments for a period of time. These payments are based on what you can afford and most importantly, what you are most comfortable in paying each month. When discussing the payment plan, ask about the final payment and when that is due. Some contractors require the final payment before your project is finished and others give you a window after your project is completed to supply your final payment. Each contractor is different, so it is very important to fully understand your payment plan.

  1. How Will We Communicate Throughout My Project?

Communication in any working relationship is important. Many things can occur while you are waiting for your renovation to start, so knowing the best way to contact your contractor is pertinent. It is also important for your contractor to know the best way to get into contact with you just in case there are any delays with your project. Make sure that you communicate with your project manager the best times to get ahold of you and vise versa. Great communication with your contractor will help your project start and end smoothly.

Why Choose JSB Home Solutions?

When searching for and deciding on a contractor to complete your bathroom renovation, you want someone who is trust-worthy, has many years of experience, and can get the job done right the first time. JSB Home Solutions has over 44 years of experience renovating bathroom spaces and our team is skilled and qualified to answer any questions you may have. We are more than willing to show our past work because we take pride in our work and guarantee that your renovation will be everything you want and more.