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What Happens During a Proposal Appointment with JSB?

June 6th, 2024 | 3 min read

By Callie Lovejoy

You’ve completed your initial consultation with a JSB design consultant in your home and scheduled a proposal appointment in our showroom. What have you gotten yourself into?!

The proposal appointment is an exciting step in your home remodel journey as you review the proposal sent to you and finalize selections to create your design vision. 

At JSB, we’ve tried several methods of material selection. What we have found in our 45+ years of remodeling, is that nothing quite compares to being able to see what the products look like in an actual kitchen or bathroom, feel how sunroom doors open and close, and put your color choices right next to each other to get a full picture of your new space. In this article, we will tell you exactly what you can expect at your proposal appointment so you can be prepared for this exciting step.

Table of Contents:

What Happens at the Proposal Appointment with JSB?

Let’s set the stage real quick. Two things have happened before your proposal appointment.

  1. Your Initial Consultation: You had your initial consultation where you discussed your vision for your remodel project, design styles, and any questions you had. 
  2. You Received a Personalized Proposal: Your design consultant has sent you some information including an itemized proposal with suggested material selections based on your conversations during the initial consult.

With your proposal in hand, you’re ready to move forward with three tasks for the proposal appointment.

1. Review Materials Suggested by Your Design Consultant

51a4c8027ff7ffa774c390ba1676d6deYour design consultant will go through your proposal and talk through each item that they chose based on your style choices and budget from your initial consultation. You will also be able to see the materials in the designs and colors listed on your proposal. If you love them, fantastic! You’re on your way to step 3.

If you aren’t quite sure they fit what you are looking for, you can look through our showroom for another option in step 2.

2. Make Adjustments to Materials as You See Fit

Quartz-vs-Laminate-Countertops-1Our showroom has a lot of options in styles and colors and materials. Your design consultant will help you stay focused on the task at hand but you will also be able to see selections other than what is on your proposal. If you see something you like better, you can certainly swap it in.

The goal at the end of this step is to have all of your material selections finalized so that your design consultant can give you a final contract with the exact price of your remodel project.

3. Design Consultant Adjusts the Proposal and Present a Contract

Once all project details are finalized, your design consultant will make any necessary adjustments to the proposal and present you with a final contract. This contract will contain all of the details outlined in the proposal and also have the final price of your remodel project.

How Long Does the Proposal Appointment Take?

Typically, the proposal appointment takes 60 - 90 minutes to review materials, make adjustments, and present the contract.

Will I Be Pressured to Buy at the Proposal Appointment?

InhomeconsultationNever! As a business, we have tried high-pressure sales and it just doesn’t fit with our beliefs and values. It’s not pleasant for you. It’s not pleasant for us either. And it doesn’t allow us to serve you as a homeowner with unique project goals and needs.

That being said, in our experience, homeowners often do want to go ahead and purchase their project at the proposal appointment because it locks in your installation date. 

Is There a Benefit to Buying at the Proposal Appointment?

The benefit of buying at the proposal appointment is that you can secure your spot in our installation schedule. 

We recommend that you bring your chosen method of payment to your proposal appointment so that you are prepared, should you decide to sign your contract.

  1. A check or credit card for a 30% deposit. 
  2. Your IDs for financing information if you have chosen to finance your project.

Either of these options will put you on the installation schedule. If you make this decision at the proposal appointment, your job can be completed that much sooner.

Why is the Proposal Appointment so Special?

This is the stage of your remodel journey where your ideas, goals, and vision all come to life! You can see the pieces come together to create your dream space and begin to imagine yourself enjoying your finished remodel project.

You can continue to explore kitchen design styles, bathroom colors, or functional sunroom sizes to make sure that when you walk in for your proposal appointment, you know what will best fit your lifestyle.

 At the end of your proposal appointment, you’ll know what JSB can do to bring your remodel vision to reality. We are honored every time someone entrusts their home to our care and look forward to sharing our passion for home remodeling with you.