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Questions To Ask Before Starting A Bathroom Renovation

January 26th, 2024 | 4 min read

By Mara Colleli

Tackling a bathroom renovation is a huge step and it is good to know the answers to most, if not all, of your questions. You want this project to run smoothly so it is important to ask as many questions as possible. Your bathroom might be the smallest room in your house, but it is the most frequented. Here is a list of questions to consider before you even start your bathroom renovation:

  1. Why are you renovating your bathroom?

You would not be entertaining the idea of a bathroom renovation if you did not want to change something about your bathroom currently. This question focuses on if you are thinking about a bathroom renovation to stay in your current home or if you are renovating to sell your home. Or, maybe, you are looking towards the future, and want to renovate your bathroom to fit your needs as you get older.

This question may sound simple, but it is the most important because it really fleshes out the true reason you have decided to renovate. Are you looking to renovate for the future? Should you install grab rails or a bench to sit down on? Are you renovating to move? Should your design choices appease popular culture? This ‘why’ question also helps you figure out how you want to renovate your bathroom space and how much of your budget you want to allocate towards this space.

  1. What is your budget?

The average cost for a full bathroom renovation is between $15,000 and $25,000, and a homeowner in the Greater Columbus area can expect about a 45 percent return on investment (ROI). Answering the first question of why you are renovating will help decide how to answer this second question. Whichever your decision is, you should spend your money on selections that you feel confident in.

Renovating your bathroom requires many decisions and many compromises. Staying on the budget you have created is the most important goal. To help stay on top of your budget, creating a list of all the expenses that will occur during your bathroom renovation, including labor costs, will both help realistically and monetarily. This list will help you decide where you may need to cut back on expenses or where you want to spend a good portion of your budget. Do you want a showstopping shower? Where in your budget could you cut back on to get exactly what you want?

  1. Who will use this bathroom?

Your bathroom may be one of the smaller places in your home, but it gets the most use. But how much use does the bathroom you’re renovating get? This question is important to ask yourself because it helps narrow down the design choices and in turn help your budget. If you have smaller children in the house, installing a new bathtub and a vanity with ample storage space might be at the top of your priority list. Or, if the bathroom you’re renovating will be used by multiple people in your home, you may think about investing in a double sink vanity.

If this renovation is for your personal bathroom, you may want to stretch your budget to ensure that you’re getting the relaxing oasis you deserve. You also may want to install new flooring in your personal bathroom or invest in a deep soaker tub. Knowing whomever your bathroom renovation is for will really help keep the project organized and on task.

  1. What do you envision this space to look like?

When it comes to picking out design pieces for every square inch of your bathroom, it can feel very overwhelming. To help ease the process, start from the top to the bottom. Start with deciding on a color scheme. Are you more traditional or do you gravitate towards a bolder look?


A bathroom sees a lot of water, so your floors need to be ready for that. If you are replacing or updating the flooring in your bathroom, chose an option that is durable but also matches with your design aesthetic.


Proper ventilation is very important in a bathroom space but even the best ventilation system will not completely rid your bathroom of moisture. Choosing the materials for your walls is imperative. If you choose to paint, make sure to choose paint that is designed for bathrooms. Using a mold and mildew primer will help protect your walls and painting your walls with a semi-gloss paint finish ensures durability and it is easy to clean. If you choose the wallpaper route, make sure to use a vinyl tape that can handle heavy moisture. Tile is the most common material in a bathroom so, if you decide on a tile surround for your shower or tub, install a cement board backing so moisture has a lesser chance of seeping in.

Cabinets and Storage

Organization and storage are a top necessity in a bathroom renovation. If this aspect is important to you, consider what can be done to the current layout that will help you achieve this goal. Look towards adding a linen closet or updating your current one to utilize the most storage space. If you are replacing your current vanity, look at vanities that offer the most under sink storage space to help alleviate your countertop space.


  1. How much time will this renovation take?

This question might not be the easiest to answer but it is a very important one. If you are renovating the only bathroom in your home that has a shower, how long could you go without that shower? With any renovation, you will most likely have to work around some sort of inconvenience, but it is good to create a timeline and a timeframe, so you do not have to be inconvenienced for too long.

How can JSB help answer these questions?

Here at JSB Home Solutions, we have a professionally trained staffed that has years of experience answering these questions. Our project consultants are skilled in their fields to be able to layout your bathroom project from start to finish. Our production team will help you stay on the timeline created for your project so we can be in and out of your home with your completed project, within a week. It’s important to choose a company that you can put your trust into and with over forty years of experience, JSB Home Solutions is a company you can trust with your renovation needs.