New Toilet Installation

Renovating your residence has many advantages. Beyond the aesthetics, upgrading outdated features can improve the efficiency and functionality of many areas of your home. One example of a feature that can either be a choice or necessity is installing a new toilet. Whether your toilet has seen better days or you want to switch to a water-saving toilet option, the JSB Home Solutions professionals can help you through the entire process, from picking out the perfect item for your upgrade to making sure your new toilet installation is perfectly executed.

Signs Your Toilet Needs an Upgrade

Your toilet may not be a feature of your home you spend a lot of time thinking about, but it’s an essential part of your day. If your toilet is outdated or not functioning properly, having a new one installed can make more of an impact than you think. If you’re wondering if you could use a new toilet installation, there are a few signs that yours is ready for an update.

Physical Damage To the Structure

The most urgent toilet replacement occurs when the structure becomes damaged. For example, the porcelain shell can become cracked or chipped. On the surface may seem like an aesthetic problem, but if left alone, it can lead to additional damage and, in the worst scenario, a major water leak. Therefore, any time a toilet is physically damaged, it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible.

Other signs of damage that you may not be able to see include a weak flush or a broken seal. Broken seals can lead to the smell of sewage when you are near the toilet. Small water leaks may be due to the seal, but a crack or chip out of your view could also be the culprit.

Constant Repairs and Parts Replacement

Another sure sign that your toilet is not functioning as it should is the need for constant repairs. While it’s true that most people will experience problems with a handle or the inner parts from time to time, if you continuously have to replace parts and still experience problems, it makes sense to invest in a new one.

No Longer Matches Your Interior

A common reason to replace a toilet is simply that it has become outdated. Even if it functions physically, it may no longer go with the look you have chosen for your bathroom. For example, older toilets may be smaller, odd-colored, or use more water per flush. Replacing the old one with a newer model can save water and look better in the space.

Picking Out the Ideal Toilet For Your Space

Choosing a new toilet may not be at the top of your ideal shopping list, but there are many new and exciting innovations. If you aren’t sure what you need for your situation, a member of the JSB Home Solutions team would be happy to help you narrow down your choices. Many modern toilets have water-saving features, and there are various flushing types, such as a traditional handle or a push button. Some boast the ability to flush large volumes at one time, while others may feature specialty items such as a built-in bidet. Finding the best solution for your home is always the goal.

How To Install a New Toilet

Finding and purchasing a replacement toilet is only half of the battle. Learning how to install a new toilet is a challenge best left to the professionals. Remember that installing something new also means removing an old one, and anything that includes both plumbing and some construction can be quite the task. When you hire a plumber to install a new toilet, there are several steps to the process.

Old Toilet Removal

Removing the old item is not as easy as it may seem. The plumber has to disconnect the water source and carefully remove all of the remaining water. Some plumbers keep the toilet intact, while others disassemble it into pieces.

New Toilet Assembly

Most toilets need a degree of assembly before installation. Technicians and plumbers are well-versed in the different types of features and can refer to instructions as needed.

New Toilet Installation

The wax seal underneath the toilet must be removed and replaced with a new seal. After the new seal has been created, the assembled toilet is placed on top and carefully aligned with the existing bolts. Everything is tightened and properly sealed for a final product.

Installation Inspection

After installation, the plumber will check to make sure everything is functioning correctly, there are no leaks around the seal, and the toilet is perfectly balanced. The job is not complete until you are totally satisfied with the result.

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Even if you feel as though you know how to install a toilet, getting help from a professional home solutions company is the key to a swift and high-quality installation. With various toilet types on the market today, JSB Home Solutions can help you find the right one for your bathroom and provide an expert installation in Winchester, Groveport, Columbus, Blacklick Estates, Lithopolis, and Pickerington OH. For information about available services or set up an appointment to get started on your next project, contact JSB Home Solutions today. 614-245-2972

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