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Shower Installation

Update your bathroom design with our dynamic shower installation services in Central Ohio. Find out how you can fall in love with the latest replacement options, fixture brands, and affordable customer service delivered by our team at JSB Home Solutions. Explore our replacement solutions, installation steps, and fixture types before scheduling your first consultation.


Our Shower Replacement Solutions

There are many ways you can update your bathroom design so that the process can feel overwhelming. That’s where our design team can help simplify the process. Whether you’re looking for a more comfortable, personalized space or wish to invest in the value of your home, consider one or more of these services by our qualified remodeling team:

  • Complete shower installation
  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • Roll-in or walk-in showers
  • Door installation

These types of shower remodel can all be personalized to fit your home and sense of style. All of our services are affordable and performed by talented technicians in your area. Work with one of our designers to discuss your goals for your remodel to see how we can create a convenient, comfortable oasis in any bathroom in your home.

The cost and timeline of our installation project depend on the extent of your project. We personalize our process to fit your specific project. Some shower installation services require significant plumbing, electrical, and tile installation services, while others are more straightforward and easy to accomplish quickly. We only send factory-trained installers to your home to ensure your shower is set up right the first time. Turn to JSB Home Solutions for your home remodeling project in Ohio.

Steps for a New Shower Installation Service

Every shower replacement project starts with a consultation. Our team connects with you to discuss your project goals, budget, and design inspiration. Next, we take you through our showroom in an exclusive showing. This helps you see the latest in shower stall designs and convenient shower fixtures.

Once we arrive at a design that fits your goals, we schedule the project. Our licensed and experienced remodeling contractors put your satisfaction first. We schedule the project to meet your deadlines and budget without compromising on stunning build quality and perfection in every detail.

After the final inspection, your new bathroom shower is ready. Discuss any craftsmanship or performance concerns with our team. Don’t settle for anything less than the high-end bathroom and beautiful shower design you deserve.

Unforgettable Shower Types

Modern showers come in a range of styles. Some remodeling projects are aimed at restoring the original performance and cleanliness of your bathroom, while others seek to alter the layout or functionality of this room. Here are some popular examples of shower options that you can install in your home:

  • Neo-angled
  • Rounded or square
  • Zero-barrier
  • Single threshold
  • Shower-bathtub combinations
  • Waterfall

Neo-angled enclosures are an iconic mix of space-saving footprints and beautiful designs. The shower walls and door create an enclosure that feels far more spacious than the footprint shows. It’s a popular option for reducing the space of your shower area without making you feel cramped.

Rounded and square shower enclosures are common options to restore the timeless look of your home. These enclosures are comfortable, affordable, and provide the same footprint you’re used to. Choose one of these enclosures with the same footprint as your original shower for quick and affordable remodeling that doesn’t affect your bathroom layout.

A zero-barrier shower gives you the freedom to walk in and out of your shower without stepping over a barrier. It’s a popular option for accessible bathrooms, but it’s a stylish option for any bathroom. A large, zero-barrier shower with tile or stone flooring is an unforgettable design feature in any home.

Similar to a rounded or square enclosure, a single threshold shower is ideal for replacing your base without altering your floor plan. Select fiberglass, steel, cast iron, or tile single threshold base for a convenient, comfortable upgrade.

Add a soaker tub to your shower design for a relaxing bath experience. Soaker tubs are popular options to turn your bathroom into your very own spa. It’s also a great option for families with young children. Work with our team to modify your bathroom layout to make room for a built-in tub or a separate soaker tub option.

These options focus on the tub or base for your shower, but a waterfall shower focuses on the water fixture. These fixtures are installed higher on the wall or directly in the ceiling to provide a cascade of water. The result is a luxurious experience every time you step into your shower.

Fall in Love With Your New Shower

Work with JSB Home Solutions to save money and remodeling time on your next shower installation project. Enjoy a full bathroom update, a bathtub replacement, or a new shower head to transform your home and add value to this popular room. Turn your normal, uninspired bathroom into a luxurious room in your home in Ohio.

Contact us online or call 614-245-2972 to learn more about our process, our products, and our commitment to your home remodeling project. Whether it's a quick maintenance project or a complete bathroom makeover, we’re confident we can give you the shower you’ll love.