Quartz Kitchen Countertop Installation

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Our Kitchen Countertop Services

A quality kitchen countertop requires careful planning. Our team offers full in-home measurements to ensure we choose and install the perfect countertop for your kitchen. Work with our designers to ensure you receive a countertop worthy of your forever home. Our goal in every countertop service is to provide you with a kitchen you’re proud to call the heart of your home.

Custom Quartz Countertop Installation

Quartz countertop installation starts with in-home measurements and a design conversation. Once we have the specific measurements, we’ll discuss quartz colors and patterns with you. This iconic countertop material comes in a range of hues, so we want to be sure you receive the material you want for your countertop and backsplash. Browse our list of available quartz options with our team.

Next, our experienced installation team moves in and efficiently installs the quartz. This material is very durable once installed but prone to cracking if handled improperly during the installation process. That’s why it’s essential you work with a quality team in the Winchester, OH, area.

Affordable Quartz Countertop Repair

A damaged quartz countertop doesn’t offer the same home value or flawless work surface for your kitchen. Whether it’s a countertop we installed in the past or a competitor’s countertop, we’re happy to repair your countertop. Here are some of the common damages that our reliable and affordable services can cover:

  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Stains

Serious repair projects may require a replacement piece of the quartz countertop. Whether you need a new piece installed or a less invasive repair service, your team at JSB Home Solutions is committed to offering the most reliable and affordable services for your home.

Benefits of Quartz Countertop

Natural stone countertops are a trending design feature in homes in Central Ohio. Unfortunately, many natural options are prone to staining, costly, or have a porous surface. That’s why quartz is a popular solution that balances durability and style. Learn more about the benefits of this material compared to natural stone, solid surface, and other common countertop materials.

Durable Material

Quartz is technically a man-made product. That means it’s an engineered product that uses natural stone and durable resins. The result is a material that has a more durable surface that’s less prone to staining. Durable doesn’t mean hard, and these countertops are actually slightly softer than granite or other natural stone options. A softer countertop means less risk of shattering glass or damaging other kitchenware.

Elegant Look

Work with our team to choose a stunning color and tone for your countertops. You’ll actually find even more colors and patterns available with quartz than you will with natural stone products. Quartz countertops create a depth of tone that you won’t find in other engineered countertop options, like a solid surface.

Added Home Value

Countertops are just a single part of your kitchen, but they’re a particularly visible part. Whether you’re going for a full kitchen remodel or simply updating your countertops, quartz can be a great way to add value to your home. It’s also a cost-effective way to enjoy a refreshing feature that helps you feel more at home in your kitchen.

Dangers of DIY Quartz Countertop Installation

It’s natural to want to personalize your home. There are many claims that DIY home improvement projects are safe, easy, and great ways to reduce the cost of a kitchen investment. This may be true in other home improvement areas, but there are several dangers that come with DIY quartz installation.

Damaged Countertops

Quartz countertops come in a large slab or as a pre-cut countertop. Either way, they are typically long, awkward shapes. An installed countertop is durable, but uninstalled slabs can be easily cracked if stored or handled improperly. Don’t risk damaging these slabs by attempting to transport and install them yourself.

Personal Injury

Both engineered and natural stone countertops are heavy and require specialized tools to cut. Even if you order pre-cut countertops, you’re likely to need to trim ends, cut backsplash materials, or make adjustments to a sinkhole. Working with stone-cutting tools can risk personal injury if you’re not a professional.

Unappealing Finish

Many finish materials require an expert eye to install successfully. DIY countertop installation often ends with crooked, inconsistent, or improper installation. Any of these issues can leave you feeling unsatisfied with your countertop installation. Don’t let a DIY project go wrong, but work with our team at JSB Home Solutions for a finished project you can be proud of.

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