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Fall Home Trends: Stunning Transformations!

February 12th, 2024 | 1 min read

By Ashley Scalia

Remodeling your home can be exciting – and scary. Will it turn out how you pictured? Did you pick the right tile? Paint? Will this be out of style in two years? Each quarter, we round up our favorite home transformations, with styles that will stand the test of time.

Trend #1: Ditch the Doors

Many homes built in the 60’s and 70’s had cathedral style cabinet doors. While these might have been groovy back then, today – they can make your kitchen look very dated. However, many homeowners don’t know that you don’t have to tear out your cabinets to give your 70’s kitchen a facelift – just replace the doors and paint! A more modern shaker style or square inlay will take years off your kitchen! Be sure to ask your contractor or designer for samples of different door types. It’s important to see a sample in your space before making a final decision. And as the case is with many home improvements projects, a little paint goes a long way. Painting your cabinets white can help make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter. Lastly, pick out some hardware and you’ve got a kitchen you are sure to love.

Trend #2: Crammed Hall Bath to Modern Oasis!

Everyone’s got one – whether it’s the hall bath or basement bathroom. Its used by guests, children and looks like it may burst from the amount of stuff it holds. There is a strong trend in the home improvement industry to maximize storage, make organization easier and having your spaces – especially your bathrooms, feel relaxing. Turning your tired looking shower/bath combo into a floor to ceiling shower can help even the smallest of bathrooms feel more spa like. New flooring can provide rich textures that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser among guests and children alike! To maximize your storage options be sure to inquire about in cabinet storage solutions with your contractor or designer.

Trend #3: Sayonara Shower Rod

You might not even realize it, but your shower rod is messing with the look and feel of your bathroom. Trends these days are for light, airy, spa like bathrooms. Shower rods have a tendency to make your shower feel small and dark. On top of that, your built-in bathtub (the one that gets used maybe twice a year?) makes it look even smaller! One of the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling is ditching the shower rod and built in tub, for a floor to ceiling shower with clear doors. This makes your bathroom feel custom, spa like and relaxing!