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Sunroom Additions: Cost & Benefits Guide

February 2nd, 2024 | 3 min read

By Callie Lovejoy

Have you been considering expanding your home’s square footage? If you’re searching for a new place that the entire family can enjoy year-round, a sunroom might be the best option for your needs. Sunrooms provide a variety of health-promoting properties. The warmth you experience from the sun while being sheltered from the weather is simply the most noticeable of the perks of a sunroom.

Your physical and emotional well-being are both improved as a result of increasing your regular exposure to sunshine. Some of the additional health advantages you will get from building a new sunroom are as follows:

  • Vitamin D Boost: The sun’s rays offer us crucial vitamin D, which helps keep our bones and hearts healthy and our immune systems strong and healthy.
  • Sleeping better at night: Natural light, particularly early in the morning, helps control your circadian cycle, allowing you to sleep deeper and more soundly at night.
  • Blood Pressure Is Lower When You Get More sun: There is a clear link between getting more sunshine and having lower blood pressure.
  • A better mood: Whether we recognize it or not, our exposure to light and darkness has an effect on our state of mind. Light and darkness help to improve our attitude. By adding a sunroom to your home, you may both symbolically and practically increase the amount of light in your home.

Constructing a sunroom is a cost-effective way to create a multipurpose area without spending a fortune. Considering the following five advantages of a sunroom may persuade you to contact a contractor and begin preparing your big venture:

1. Bring the outside in by bringing it within

It is quite beneficial to bring in natural light and brighten up your house via the use of a sunroom. You can take in the scenery without being exposed to the weather. A sunroom may also be used to create an indoor garden if the area is large enough. Indoor plants may be grown in a number of ways, and seedlings for an outside garden can be started if you have lots of sunshine.

2. Increase the value of your home with sunroom additions

The installation of a sunroom may boost the value of your house in the same way that most other home improvement projects do. The fact that it tends to be less expensive than other types of extensions means that it is simpler to recuperate most of the costs of building after a home sale. The addition of a sunroom is thus a wise economic decision for homeowners.  The addition of a sunroom improves the square footage of your house, which boosts the value of your property. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, a sunroom delivers a return on investment of 49 percent, implying that it will increase your home’s value by nearly half the cost of the addition. To give you an example, a $20,000 sunroom will add around $10,000 to the market value of your property. Additionally, many potential buyers consider sunrooms to be an appealing feature, which may lead them to choose your property over another if you have one.

3. There is enough room for everyone

Providing it has been appropriately heated and insulated, a sunroom may be used by all members of the family throughout the year. This space may be used as an office, a sitting area, a playroom, or anything else you want to put to good use.

When it comes to adding more living space, a sunroom is a terrific option since it can be utilized in a number of ways. When designing your project, be sure to explain your space requirements to your contractor. He or she may provide solutions or make recommendations for other items, such as furnishings.

4. Sunroom Designs & Options

There are very few sunrooms that are precisely the same. You should expect your contractor to make recommendations about materials and designs that are complementary to the rest of your house. You do, however, have complete control over the style and features you choose to add to your home. Customize everything from ceiling fans to energy-efficient windows, flooring to built-in storage to create a one-of-a-kind sunroom experience.

5. Increased Visibility from the Street

A sunroom may significantly improve the appearance of your house. Increasing the curb appeal of your property may result in more purchasers arriving at your door if you decide to sell your home. The fact that the room has already been developed might be a great selling factor for prospective house buyers.

A sunroom is a worthwhile choice for any homeowner since it provides both more space and increased value. Interested in adding this feature to your house? Consult with a local home improvement professional for more information! Soon, you will be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of having a sunroom alongside your family and other friends.

Think JSB Home Solutions When Adding a Sunroom

Based on all these reasons to add a sunroom to your home, you can see why so many people choose to invest in this beautiful and useful home addition. Sunrooms increase your health and happiness, have a variety of different functions, and have the potential to both earn and save you money along the way. Start planning your very own sunroom addition today. JSB Home Solutions operates within Franklin County and the Columbus, OH metro area. Take advantage of our SMART (Save Time And Money) solution by scheduling a free consultation today.


Image Source: Katherine Jianas / Shutterstock