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#1 Kitchen Countertop Solutions in Winchester, OH

When most people walk into a kitchen, the cabinets are one of the first things they notice. Almost always, kitchen countertops are next in line. Modern-day renovators are spoiled for choice when it comes to materials, designs, and patterns. For some homeowners, this can make it more difficult to narrow down your choices.


Our Shower Replacement Solutions

At JSB Home Solutions, we work closely with homeowners to reduce decision fatigue. We help you arrive at a completed project that meets all your needs at a price point that works for you.

The Kitchen Countertops Installation Process

We understand that the kitchen renovation process can go from inspiring and fun to frustrating and disruptive very quickly. This is why our team follows an established process to help you get from start to finish as soon as possible.

  • Make an Appointment: To get our team involved with your kitchen renovation process, give us a call at 614-245-2972. From there, we can better advise you on how to move forward, based on how far along you already are with the process.
  • Choose Countertop Material: There are many different kitchen styles, and each one tends to come with prescribed material options for countertops. Starting with the overall design ensures you have a cohesive final result.
  • Review the Site: Our professionals will need to visit your home to measure the specific dimensions of your kitchen. If you plan to do a complete overhaul, then the review process may become even more involved to ensure we have all the mathematical details we need.
  • Design the Kitchen: Once you decide on the style and countertop material, it is much easier for our design team to put a mock-up design together. After receiving your feedback, we provide a 3D rendering so you can get a better idea of what the final product will look like.
  • Install the Countertops: We purchase the countertop materials on your behalf, cut them to size, and install them in your home. Our professional contractors will also see the clean-up process so that you can enjoy your new countertops almost immediately after completion.

The 8 Main Types of Countertops

When renovating kitchens, homeowners commonly ask what the best kitchen countertops are. Unfortunately, there is no one answer that works for everyone. Each material type has its pros and cons. These are the most common ones to consider:

  1. Butcher Block: This countertop is most commonly seen in contemporary designs and farm-style kitchens. Homeowners love the warmth of the natural wood grain and its rustic charm.
  2. Dekton: This material is so strong that it is rated highly for outdoor use as well as indoor applications. Homeowners love that it is UV-resistant and scorch-resistant.
  3. Granite: Once the darling of kitchen renovations, granite remains an excellent addition to almost any kitchen style. Many homeowners are also willing to pay more to have it.
  4. Quartz: Over the past few years, this resin-derived material ousted granite as the darling countertop material. Homeowners love that it is scratch-resistant and low-maintenance.
  5. Quartzite: If you use your kitchen often and the countertops take a frequent beating, quartzite is an even better option. Homeowners love its durability and how easy it is to clean.
  6. Marble: Many traditional homes feature marble countertops. Homeowners love its natural beauty, but it does stain easily and is not very heat-resistant.
  7. Solid Surface: Acrylic countertops are beautiful and durable. Homeowners love that they are easy to repair, resist moisture well, and require very little maintenance.
  8. Laminate: When cost is a factor, laminate countertops are a good option. They can be made to resemble many pricier options while being resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.

Why Choose JSB Home Solutions

Our company has been in the construction business for decades. Throughout the years, we have continued to improve our skill sets. This includes not just renovation skills, but also project management and customer service.

We are ready to put those skills to use by showing you what our team can bring to your kitchen renovation. Contact us for a quote today.