Granite Kitchen Countertop Installation Near Canal Winchester, OH

Few surfaces refresh your kitchen design like granite countertops. Whether complementing a full kitchen remodeling project or adding an affordable option to our Premium Refacing process, granite kitchen countertops are a popular option for Central Ohio homes.

Explore our design and installation services at JSB Home Solutions to see how you can transform your home and enjoy the long-term investment of a quality kitchen design.

How to Select a Kitchen Countertop

Granite is a natural stone material that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Because your countertop is just one factor in your complete kitchen design, it’s important to work with an experienced professional to ensure the entire setup works well together.

Our project consultants help you determine the right solution for your home. Don’t settle for a granite option or one that doesn’t fit your personality. We discuss your design goals and your personal style.

The process may seem overwhelming on your own, so turn to our team to assist you in navigating your options. Discuss your common kitchen uses and your remodeling goals before systematically narrowing your options and finding the countertop you absolutely love. Whether you’re looking to enjoy for just a few years or creating your forever home, turn to JSB Home Solutions for your Central Ohio home remodeling projects.

Our Installation Process The installation process is quick, efficient, and comfortable with JSB Home Solutions. We create cost-effective solutions that match your budget and your design goals. Our experienced professionals carefully handle your new granite material and install it as part of a complete kitchen design or Premium Refacing process.

Remodeling projects can be messy with inexperienced or inconsiderate contractors on the job site. Our team will treat your home like our own home during the granite countertop installation process.

The Benefits of Choosing Granite Countertops

There’s something about granite that evokes a luxurious home and upscale living. Choose a granite countertop thru JSB Home Solutions and see how you can enjoy some or all these benefits:

  • Improved home value
  • Stylish interior design
  • Reliable work surface
  • Repaired countertop
  • Affordable home update
  • Efficient remodeling project

Other countertop materials don’t offer the same iconic quality of granite. The exquisitely unique material can be used as an accent color and texture to your kitchen design or the centerpiece to a new interior design. Either way, you’ll enjoy a countertop that can last a lifetime.

Granite Countertop - JSB Home Solutions

A Granite Countertop Cost Estimate

Some kitchens feature a single, luxurious slab of granite, while others use a sprawling design with multiple sections of natural stone. The size of your kitchen is one of the most significant factors in determining your countertop installation cost.

Once our design team has worked with you and received your proposed kitchen design measurements, we can discuss countertops. The specific slabs you choose, any sinkholes, and other custom features can all affect the cost as well.

We don’t start a project without offering you an accurate estimate of the cost to create the kitchen of our dreams. Once you receive an estimate, you have the freedom to determine whether to invest in a stunning, new kitchen or to simply upgrade your existing kitchen floor plan. We can help you secure financing for your project to enjoy a transformed home with little or no money down and a competitive interest rate.

JSB Home Solutions presenting custom kitchen cabinets being installed in Canal Winchester, OH

The Dangers of DIY Kitchen Remodeling

Installing a granite surface in your home is a task that’s best left to professionals. While DIY home improvement projects may be able to save you money in other areas of your home, DIY granite installation can be a dangerous task.

Granite is a heavy material that’s exceptionally durable when installed but needs to be carefully reinforced while in transport. Improperly storing or handling your granite countertop can cause it to crack, injure someone, and damage another surface in your home.

When you work with JSB Home Solutions for your kitchen remodel, a professional countertop installation team will come to your home to take measurements and prepare the slab or slabs. Some minor adjustments may also need to be made once the countertop is in your home. As a

DIY task, this means that you’ll need to have the right tools, safety gear, and skills required to cut granite safely.

Finally, securing granite can require specialized tools and expertise. Some countertops can be secured directly to cabinets using adhesive, but overhangs, sinkholes, and other areas may require additional support. Without the right tools, these tasks can be difficult or impossible to perform.

Explore Our Countertop Options To Refresh Your Home

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