Material Types to Consider When Building a Sunroom

When adding a sunroom to your home, one of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make is what material to use. Popular options are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. While all have advantages and disadvantages, understanding the differences can help you make an informed decision. Aluminum vs. Wood-Built Aluminum sunrooms are known for their durability…

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Does A Sunroom Add Value To A Home?

Does a Sunroom Add Value to a Home? Homeowners are constantly seeking ways to add value to their homes. One option that has become increasingly popular over the years is installing a sunroom. This additional space can provide plenty of benefits, from increasing living space to enhancing home aesthetics. However, is a sunroom worth the…

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Is It Worth Building A Sunroom?

After picture of a sunroom and the green grass view

Is It Worth Building A Sunroom? Discover the benefits and considerations of building a sunroom. Explore whether the investment is worth it for your home and lifestyle. Is It Worth Building a Sunroom? Building a sunroom is a decision that can significantly enhance your home’s beauty and functionality. However, carefully considering key factors is essential…

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Are Sunrooms Considered Living Space?

Discover whether sunrooms are considered living spaces in this informative article. Are Sunrooms Considered Living Space? A sunroom is a unique addition to any home, providing a space to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements. However, homeowners often ask whether a sunroom can be considered a living area. This article will delve…

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Sunroom Additions: Cost & Benefits Guide

Shot of a living room decorated with a L shape sofa overlooking the patio

Have you been considering expanding your home’s square footage? If you’re searching for a new place that the entire family can enjoy year-round, a sunroom might be the best option for your needs. Sunrooms provide a variety of health-promoting properties. The warmth you experience from the sun while being sheltered from the weather is simply…

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The Ultimate DIY Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

A beautiful garden in Ohio

Summer is a great time to catch up on your maintenance projects and finally check off those to-do’s you’ve been putting off. There are a number of home maintenance tasks that you can easily complete in order to preserve the look, safety and efficiency of your home!

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