It usually begins with a pet peeve. A scratched vanity has seen better days. A faucet doesn’t function like it used to. A light fixture barely lights up the room, let alone your enthusiasm.

Bathroom remodeling projects often begin with an urge to upgrade one element of a bathroom. You start with an initial burst of brainstorming and several rounds of shopping. Then, the effort often runs amok – a casualty of too many choices and a fundamental lack of direction.

No one can blame you. It isn’t every day you remodel a bathroom, so navigating a complicated bathroom remodeling project can get tricky. This is exactly why many Columbus homeowners turn to the experts at JSB Home Solutions. Our name alone makes the implicit promise that we know what we’re doing. We can provide solutions to your bathroom remodeling dilemmas. Here’s how our proven process works.

Establish your budget

Knowing which bathroom features you wish to replace immediately can help you begin the process of setting a remodeling budget. This can be a vexing, frustrating step for many homeowners. Not so for those who work with JSB Home Solutions.

We rely on our time-tested method, SMART. It means Saving Money And Remodeling Time. SMART remodeling can help you get the most for your money in the least amount of time. In a nutshell, this proven method focuses your energies on the necessities. The SMART method encourages you to spend your money on items which truly need to be replaced.

Write your wishlist

Your scratched vanity and light fixture may be the main sore points. You may decide you can live with the flooring a little longer. Setting priorities and sticking to them automatically gives your bathroom remodeling project the direction it needs. Our experienced remodeling specialists can help you every step of the way.

Your Wish List Options

JSB Home Solutions stands ready to show you all the choices that await you. You may want to transform the entire room, from top to bottom. Or, you may choose to replace one or two features in your bathroom. Go ahead and revise your wish list. It may be long or it could be short. Think about what your bathroom could contain.

  • Cabinetry can set the style and tone of your bathroom.
  • Counters could range from quartz or granite to reclaimed wood.
  • Faucets can transform an ordinary sink into an extraordinary one.
  • Flooring could include classic tile, laminate, wood, or even linoleum.
  • Lighting fixtures can make your bathroom look more spacious. Sconces, pendant light, and track lighting can add more function to your bathroom.
  • Showers and tubs have many options to upgrade and personalize your bathroom. Perhaps storage nooks, seating, and massaging shower heads will elevate your shower. A traditional claw-footed tub or a minimalistic soaking tub can add a relaxing touch.
  • Newer toilets offer better use of water and energy as well as more eye-catching appeal.
  • A new vanity could become your bathroom’s focal point, especially with the right mirror overhead.

We extend SMART to other bathroom features

Once you’ve embraced the notion of keeping a bathroom remodeling project simple, it gets easier to adapt the methodology to other features. The vanity can be modified in a cost-efficient manner. Similarly, if you’re tempted to rip out a plain shower and start anew, we can show you how installing amenities like new doors and massaging showerheads can infuse your shower with new life.

JSB Home Solutions can give you the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of and be SMART about the entire process at the same time.

We devise a remodeling plan and schedule

Many decisions will pivot on which bathroom you’re remodeling. You’ll be able to deal with a guest bathroom being out of commission more than a bathroom many people in your home rely on daily.

When we’re remodeling the only bathroom in your home, special accommodations must be made. For example, you may decide to spend time at a friend’s home. You could also make arrangements to use a next-door neighbor’s bathroom while we work.

Rest assured knowing you have an experienced and efficient team in JSB Home Solutions. You will know exactly how long the remodeling will take; our detailed schedule makes everything clear. You will know your bathroom will be ready for you to use and enjoy as soon as humanly possible. We keep our focus on our work until the work is done.

Call JSB Home Solutions to make an appointment for an in-home consultation. You can also visit our state-of-the-art design center to see all the options we’ve assembled for you. It just may be the smartest move you ever make.

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