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Pergola installation is becoming a hot home remodeling trend with Columbus area property owners. Not only do pergolas add a luxurious, almost exotic aesthetic element to a home, but they also add comfort, convenience and value, too.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a sort of archway or covering. Typically used to shade a patio, deck or garden, they boast a lattice-like ceiling and are supported by vertical beams. Pergolas are almost exclusively made from wood, and they also often contain seating, such as wood benches or hanging swings.

They can be freestanding or attached to an existing structure, like a fence, wall or home, and many homeowners like to hang plants, flowers, string lights or other décor from pergola ceilings and latticework. They offer both decorative and practical benefits.

Benefits of Pergola Installation

The most significant benefit of pergola installation is the beautification of the property. Pergolas add an elegant air to a home’s aesthetic, and when installed properly and by an expert contractor, they can even improve the marketability of a property when it comes times to sell.

Some other benefits that homeowners can enjoy from pergola installation include:

  • Landscaping assistance – With their tall beams and lattice-work ceilings, pergolas are ideal for climbing flowers, vines and ivy. Many homeowners even use them to grow grape vines. Pergola beams are also easily enhanced with potted plants, hanging flower baskets and other eye-catching flora.
  • Improved property value – Pergola installation offers an affordable way to improve a home’s profitability without too much time, hassle or financial investment. They beautify outdoor spaces and make a home more enticing to potential buyers and investors down the road.
  • More defined spaces – Pergolas are a good way to establish specific areas or spaces within the yard, such as an outdoor dining area, a patio or even a designated hot tub spot. They break up the yard and make it seem larger and more accommodating.
  • Added convenience and comfort in outdoor areas – Pergolas also provide shade, helping shield homeowners and guests from harmful UV rays and making outdoor experiences more comfortable on the whole.

Low maintenance and affordable, pergolas are a great way to enhance an already beautiful properly in a small, low-cost and high-impact way. They’re ideal for homeowners looking to make a big splash without a huge financial investment.

Why are Columbus, OH Homeowners Choosing Pergola Installation?

Many Columbus, OH, homeowners are opting for pergola installation to get more use from their outdoor spaces. Though winter is often off-limits for any outdoor time, without the shade of an awning or pergola, summer isn’t much better, exposing homeowners to potential sunburns, heat exhaustion and more. Pergolas enhance a home’s outdoor experience and allow homeowners to get more out of their yard in the warm months when they want it most.

Pergolas are also popular in Columbus as hot tub covers. In the chilly fall and winter seasons, hot tubs offer Ohio homeowners a great way to relax and warm up. A pergola can help block brisk winds, bugs and other nuisances from interrupting such R&R time.

Learn More About Pergola Installation From Our Experts

Do you want to discover what pergola installation could mean for your home’s look or property value? Then stop by our Columbus, OH, showroom today. Check out one of our pergolas for yourself, discuss your aesthetic goals and budget with one of our designers, or just browse our almost 2,000 square feet of home design inspiration. Are you ready to get started right away? Contact us now to talk to a JSB team member and we’ll get the ball rolling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]