Does having a lot of windows in a room make it a sunroom? While this type of room gets plenty of light, it’s not technically a sunroom. What defines a sunroom depends on the features these rooms have.

Types of Sunrooms

There are different kinds of sunrooms available, including three season and all-season sunrooms. Three season sunrooms are generally used from spring through fall. All-season sunrooms can be used all year round.

The type of sunroom which suits your home best depends on how much you plan to use it. Weather conditions are another factor. All-season sunrooms need to be able to stay warm, even when it’s bitterly cold out in winter.

Sunroom Features

Sunrooms have features that set them apart from a regular room with a lot of windows. Sunrooms are specially constructed to provide you with a comfortable place to enjoy the sun without having to go outdoors. They can be added onto homes later on or built as part of a newly constructed home.

In general, sunrooms have frames made from aluminum, although some are built from wood which resists decay and rot. These frames are able to keep glass panes securely in place. Keep in mind there can be different sizes of glass panes in your sunroom, such as large panes that reach from floor to ceiling or multiple smaller panes which form several oversized windows.

Sunrooms generally have double-pane windows rather than single-pane ones. These double-pane windows work better at preventing cold air from leaking in during winter. They also keep hot air from outside from getting into sunrooms in summer.

In some cases, sunrooms have ceilings made from all glass. These sunrooms provide homeowners with views of the night sky while also letting in as much sunlight as possible during the day.

Heating and Cooling Options

Some sunrooms use the home’s HVAC system to keep this area warm or cool as needed. There are other options for maintaining a comfortable temperature in sunrooms as well. Certain window treatments, such as retractable or shades, can keep too much heat from getting in during summer, for example.

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