Remodeling projects are an investment in your home. But some projects might not give you quite the return on your investment you were expecting.

If you are trying to get your home ready to sell soon, you want to make “smart” choices which will add to the value of your home and reward you for your investment. One such project is upgrading your bathroom. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, a bathroom remodel will still add value while making your home more enjoyable to boot.

Realtors Know Best

If you ask a realtor about what helps sell a home, they will tell you buyers pay attention to the condition of bathrooms and kitchens. Remodeling either room does not come cheap. However, remodeling your bathroom with a few low-cost upgrades can give it the appearance of a major update. You can improve the overall appearance of your bathroom and add value to your home with such improvements as:

  • Replacing a faucet, shower head, and fixtures
  • Upgrading to a water-saving toilet
  • Updating the mirror and medicine cabinet
  • Replacing vanity or cabinets
  • Updating bathtub or shower
  • Upgrading the lighting
  • Repainting the walls
  • Upgrading flooring
  • Adding tile backsplashes

Make the Smart Choice with SMART

The greatest benefit of choosing JSB Home Solutions as your bathroom remodeler is you have the freedom to upgrade just one or two elements of your bathroom or go for a complete makeover with your bathroom. Thanks to JSB SMART bathroom design, (Saving Money and Remodeling Time), you save time and money with your bathroom remodel by focusing on upgrades which add value to your home. You can choose as many or as few upgrades for your bathroom as you want or have a complete overhaul.

Contact JSB Home Solutions and let one of our SMART specialists help you get started with your bathroom remodel process today.

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