Sunrooms bring patios to life and are designed to maximize the power of natural light in your home, which improves the quality of life. They help make your home feel more comfortable and look more pleasing to visitors. Here’s a deeper look at how a sunroom will add value to your home.

Expand Your Living Space

Adding a sunroom to your patio means increasing square footage to provide you with a more enjoyable living space. A sunroom is where you can create a leisurely atmosphere year-round for occupants and guests. It can also be used as a play space for children or pets. To give your sunroom a vacation feel, consider adding retractable awnings, pergolas, and canopies.

More Efficient Windows and Materials

By installing energy-efficient windows and using more sustainable materials you will help save money on energy bills. A sunroom is designed to be waterproof and compatible with existing heating and air equipment. Conserving energy is becoming a top concern for homeowners who want to keep energy bills low and predictable. Adding energy efficiency to your home increases its value the more people become aware of sustainability.

Fit Your Home’s Style

When you add a sunroom it should be tied in with the existing style of your home. You will need the work to be customized so the colors and design match. A sunroom gives you sweeping views of your surrounding environment, bringing natural beauty into your home through any season. Ultimately, a sunroom is a comfortable place where people can relax regardless of the weather.

Transferrable Warranty

Make sure you receive a transferrable warranty for the renovation work and that it lasts for many years. This warranty allows you to transfer it to the next owner of your home.  In order for the warranty to remain valid for this period, you will need to hire an experienced, certified, and insured sunroom contractor. A transferrable warranty is attractive to home buyers who are willing to pay more for a renovated home.

Chances are most homeowners in your neighborhood who do not have sunrooms, giving your home a special quality. A sunroom gives you an extra selling point when you decide to profit from your investment. Contact JSB Home Solutions for answers to your questions about remodeling and how a sunroom will add value to your home.