If you’re thinking about undergoing a little home improvement in Columbus, Ohio, there are a few things you should know first – at least if you want the project done right and per the letter of the law.

Want to make sure your improvement projects are on point? Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Many projects need a permit. Few homeowners know this, but a lot of home improvement projects and renovations require a permit from the city before you can execute them. They may even need to be inspected by a city building inspector once complete. Failing to comply with these requirements may put you in violation of local building code or may even be illegal. (We can let you know if your project needs a permit and handle the process if it does!)

There are lots of contractors to choose from – but not all are created equal. Columbus is a pretty big city, and as such, there are tons of contractors, handymen and renovation firms to choose from. But are they all on equal footing? Definitely not. Sure, some offer lower prices, but you can bet they also come with less experience and expertise. Make sure to vet any contractor you use carefully, and always check past customer reviews before hiring.

Outdoor projects are some of the hottest ones in the area. It might seem crazy given our six months of chilly weather, but many Columbus residents choose to focus on their outdoor areas when doing renovations. They add patios, decks and new entryway doors. They install awnings and build outdoor entertaining areas. Many even add sunrooms so they can enjoy their surroundings year-round.

If you’re looking for someone to help with home improvement in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than JSB Home Solutions. Not only area we experienced and seasoned in our industry, but we’ve even been named one of the city’s top businesses! Check out our reviews or get in touch to set up a free consultation.