We know you have plenty of contractors and builders to choose from. And some of them may even have lots of experience, accolades or awards. But are they the best bathroom remodeling service Ohio has to offer? Probably not.

Here’s why:

  • They don’t work with you financially. Most bathroom remodelers require a huge chunk of change up front, and they’re not flexible on deadlines or payment structures. At JSB, we offer easy financing and payment plans that make your project not only affordable, but manageable too. We even offer no interest for up to two years!
  • They don’t use our SMART methods. We’ve designed a special system just to save you cash and time. Dubbed the SMART remodeling method (Saving Money And Remodeling Time), our system gives you the most affordable, beautiful and efficient project from start to finish.
  • They try to reinvent the wheel. We don’t believe in replacing something that’s not broken, so we won’t try to force you into that. On most projects, we are able to simply resurface existing cabinetry and countertops, making for a more affordable, faster remodel on the whole.
  • They don’t let you see and feel your project first. We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your design well before we send contractors to get started. So we’ll create 3D models, drawings and mock-ups of your new space, and we’ll even take you through our showroom to see your new fixtures and design elements in person. Look everything offer, give us your feedback, and we’ll make changes long before the build begins.

Are you looking for the best bathroom remodeling service in the Columbus area? Then look no further than JSB Home Solutions. Contact us today, and one of our designers will get started on your custom-fit design right away.