Traditional bathroom remodels are a hassle. They’re loud, they’re inefficient, and they take your restroom out of commission for weeks—maybe even months on end. That’s why the best bathroom remodel in Columbus, Ohio, is a SMART one. SMARTbath remodels solve all those frustrating issues, while at the same time transforming your bathroom into a more convenient, more relaxing and more efficient space.

SMARTbaths: The Best Bathrooms in Town

SMART, which stands for Saving Money and Remodeling Time, makes bathroom remodels easier—both on the homeowner and on their pocketbook. They use a proven and time-tested remodeling method that gives you access to top products, materials, and fixtures without wasting time or energy shopping around. SMART bathroom remodels also:

Add to your home value

Bathroom remodels can be a great long-term investment—and a way to up your home’s value when it’s time to sell. According to Remodeling magazine, bathroom remodels add about $11,000 in resale value to your home, on average.

Cut down on energy costs

Want to improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your electric bills? Choose from a variety of green and eco-friendly toilets, sinks, windows, fixtures and more in your SMART remodel.

Improve visual appeal

Enhance the overall look of your space by adding decorative elements like infinity glass shower doors, elegant pendant lighting, updated fixtures, and new flooring. Use our professional designers to ensure your space is in line with current real estate trends.

Can be financed

Worried about money? You can finance your SMART bathroom remodel and pay it off over time. In fact, we’re currently offering 24 months of no interest—and $500 off your project—for complete bathroom remodels.

Want to see for yourself why our SMARTbath is considered the best bathroom remodel in Columbus, Ohio? Browse our portfolio or contact us today to schedule a consultation.