Redoing your bathroom doesn’t have to mean a ground-up, complete overhaul. In many cases, a simple bathroom retrofit project can have just as big an impact for only a fraction of the cost. By replacing a few elements and leaving your existing space as-is, you can deliver high-impact with little hassle and investment.

Are you considering a bathroom retrofit for your home? Here are some trends you might want to consider:

Metal hardware and fixtures are all the rage. Brass, nickel and other metal flairs are on-trend this year, so consider retrofitting your room with metallic handles, drawer pulls, door knobs, faucets and other fixtures. Check out our 1,900 square foot showroom for inspiration.

Marble is out, and quartz is in. Marble had its day, but quartz is all the rage. Just as beautiful but more durable and longer lasting, it’s a great way to add value and pizzazz to your existing bathroom space.

Adding shower seating and storage is a must. Stand-up showers are still hot, but adding benches and other convenient seating areas? That’s even hotter. So are storage nooks and crannies that make stowing away shampoo, soap and other toiletries a breeze.

Custom vanities go a long way. Sometimes, all you need is a new vanity area to completely change up your room. Go for a his-and-hers look to give both you and your spouse personal space, or consider a more compact model that gives you more real estate to move around in.

Smaller, space-saving tubs are a hot commodity. Gone are the days of the huge, space-eating Jacuzzi tubs. Today’s homeowners want smaller, vintage-inspired freestanding tubs and bathing areas. An added bonus? They save you on the water bill, too.

Are you thinking of a bathroom retrofit project for your home? Contact JSB Home Solutions. Our designers can help you plan the retrofit that’s perfect for your budget and needs.