You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to improve your home’s value or aesthetic. In fact, even the most basic home improvement ideas can have a serious impact on your property.

Do you want to boost your home’s value or change up its look without too much expense or hassle? These five home improvement ideas are the key:

Re-face your cabinets. No, don’t replace them, relocate them or completely refinish them. Simply re-face them with new, quality hardwood, and let the materials do the work for you. This cuts down on cost and construction time, while still delivering high-impact results.

Update your front door. Your entryway plays the biggest role in your home’s curb appeal. Want to change that up? Swap out your door, repaint it, add decorative glass or install a storm door. Sometimes, even the simplest update to your entry can make a serious splash.

Replace your windows. Over the years, your windows start to loosen in their frames, and it can make it harder (and more expensive) to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Want a more efficient property and lower energy bills? Upgrade your windows to newer models. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Add a sunroom. Forget avoiding the outside for six cold months out of the year. Add a four-season sunroom, and enjoy the great outdoors anytime you like. Sunrooms are also great for adding space (or even just storage room) for your growing family.

Change up your fixtures. Give your bathroom, kitchen or even just entry areas a facelift by installing new fixtures and hardware. Try brass or nickel drawer pulls, handles, door knobs, towel racks or even just new locks. The impact is instant.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – nor does it need to take months of time and hassle. Want more easy and affordable home improvement ideas? Contact JSB Home Solutions now. Smart, efficient remodeling is our specialty.