An awning can be a game-changer for your outdoor space. Not only can it protect you and your loved ones from the harmful rays of the hot, summer sun, but it can also add extra comfort, flexibility and aesthetic appeal to your home.

But installing awnings is no easy feat, and it’s not something you should DIY or try to hack on your own – no matter how badly you may want to. When it comes to awning installation, that’s one job better left to the pros.

Here at JSB Home Solutions, we offer full-service retractable awning installation that includes:

  • Customized cut and design to fit your home’s aesthetic and patio layout
  • Strong, weather-resident canvas fabrics in your ideal style
  • Automatic weather detection system controls (optional)
  • Motorized controls and a wireless remote
  • A sturdy sandstone or earth stone frame
  • Teflon coated bushings to ensure quiet operation
  • A 12-year fabric warranty and five-year motor warranty

Best of all? The awnings installation basically pays for itself. Thanks to the awning’s ability to reduce sun exposure on your patio, windows and loved ones, it drastically reduces the need for costly air conditioning, meaning lower energy bills – and lots of savings – over time. Its added aesthetic beauty and functionality can also improve your home’s value, make it easier to sell your property at a higher price when the time comes.

Need Expert Awnings Installation?

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits that an outdoor awning has to offer you? Don’t try and DIY it. Let our awnings installation services help. With a custom-fit cut, design, and fabric, plus our hands-on expertise, we can ensure your awning delivers a guaranteed ROI for you and all your household members.

Are you ready to learn more? Get in touch with JSB Home Solutions today to schedule a free consultation.