Unless your house was just built or is fresh off a remodel, it’s probably due a few upgrades. But how do you choose those upgrades? And how do you ensure you get the most value from them in the long-run? That’s something we can help with.

Here are a few mantras we tell our clients to live by when choosing home upgrades:

Don’t DIY if you don’t have to.

Unless you’re super skilled in building or design, home improvements are best left up to a pro. In most cases, a buyer can tell when something was done haphazardly – and it could impact your home’s sale later on down the line. If you’re really tight on funds, just narrow down the projects to a few key ones, and save the others for another time.

Avoid dated tech.

Technology moves fast. By the time you sell your home, that item will likely be more of a hindrance to your listing price than a boost. Always use the most up-to-date technology when and where possible.

Think efficiency.

The items that will add the most value to your home are ones that can save you (and future owners) cash. So consider eco-friendly appliances, energy-saving windows and doors, and smart tech that can help you cut down on electric costs and utility bills. When chosen carefully, these sorts of home upgrades often pay for themselves over time.

Get a pro’s opinion.

If you’re not sure which thermostat to use or which new countertop to install, consult a professional. They’ll be the most in-touch with current trends and consumer reviews, and they’ll also likely have data on its effect on ROI and property value. They can point you in the right direction or even guide you around the showroom floor.

Need help choosing the right home upgrades for your property? Want to ensure your upgrades are installed properly the first time? Contact JSB Home Solutions today. Our expert builders and designers are here to help.