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What is a 3 Season Sunroom?

A 3 season sunroom is a convenient and affordable home addition that increases living space and usability of a property. Built onto an existing home or structure, it offers protection from bugs, wind, rain and UV rays and allows owners to enjoy the great outdoors even in adverse conditions. It is often referred to as a 3 season porch or 3 season room.

Benefits of a 3 Season Sunroom

The biggest benefit of a 3 season sunroom is the added space it affords a homeowner. The sunroom can be used for storage, entertainment, dining or even just a quiet place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. It can be even be used as a guest room during temperate times of the year.

Some other benefits of a 3 season sunroom include:

  • They offer added visibility of landscaping and surrounding views – Fully enclosed by glass, 3 season sunrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows ideal for scenic or panoramic views.
  • They extend the homeowner’s enjoyment of the outdoors – Though 3 season sunrooms aren’t ideal for freezing conditions, they do allow homeowners to experience the great outdoors further into the year than they could without. Sit back and enjoy the views in early spring, late fall or even in a rainstorm.
  • They’re fully customizable in design – The 3 season sunroom can be fully customized to match the existing structure. Choose from a variety of roofing, class and framing options to ensure a cohesive look throughout the home.
  • They’re affordable and low cost to install– Compared to other home additions, the 3 season sunroom is an extremely affordable way to add convenience and comfort to a property. They don’t require any expensive or high-tech elements like insulation, heating, plumbing, air conditioning, foundation or footers, making them very low cost to install.

The 3 season sunrooms can be simple and economic, designed just to add living space or extra usability, or homeowners may choose to go more decorative with their sunroom, adding upgrades construction materials and elements to increase the room’s aesthetic value. The sunroom is fully customizable to the homeowner’s wishes and budget.

Why Columbus, OH Homeowners Love 3 Season Sunrooms

Homeowners in Columbus, OH, flock to the 3 season sunroom as an affordable way to increase square footage without extensive construction or disruption to daily living. Sunrooms are easily and quickly installed, and thanks to their customizability, they’re not difficult to achieve a cohesive look with – even on older properties and homes.

Columbus homeowners also enjoy 3 season sunrooms because of their ability to extend their outdoor enjoyment time. As the weather generally turns chilly starting in early October, many Ohio residents are forced indoors six or even more months out of the year. A 3 season sunroom can extend this time by two or three months in many cases.

Experience the 3 Season Sunroom for Yourself

Are you interested in what a 3 season sunroom can do for your home or property? Then visit our Columbus, OH, showroom today. See one of our sunrooms for yourself, discuss your goals and budget with one of our experienced designers, or just browse our 1900 square feet of home remodeling inspiration. Can’t wait that long? View our extensive sunrooms and patios portfolio now to learn more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]